E. Casey Magan, Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization

What is Board Certification?

Personal injury trial law is the practice of law dealing with physical or mental trauma or disability to a person. It includes, by way of definition, and not limitation, personal injury litigation involving automobiles and other vehicular accident reparations; professional malpractice; product liability; statutory claims; insurance contract claims; or any negligent or intentional tort.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization was established by the State Bar of Texas for the recognition and regulation of those lawyers who have special competence in a particular field of law. To be Board Certified, an attorney must have been licensed for at least five years with at least three years of practice in the specialty; devote 25% – 50% of her practice to the field of specialty; handle a wide variety of cases in the field of specialty in order to demonstrate substantial involvement; attend continuing legal education seminars in the field of specialty; receive approval from colleagues and judges; and pass a written examination.

Casey Magan has been Board Certified since 1996. Specialists have participated in the preparation and trial of significant civil cases. They are familiar with the negotiation and pre–trial process, as well as with rules of evidence, procedure, and other substantial law involved in those civil cases.

Board Certification is for a period of five years, after which time, an attorney may apply for recertification. A Board Certified attorney will be recertified as long as the attorney continues to remain in good standing, meets the requirements of continuing legal education, and continues to demonstrate substantial involvement in her field of specialty.

There is no board specialization or certification offered in the State of Montana.