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Take your legal problems seriously. We do.

Waddell & Magan is a Bozeman, Montana–based law firm handling personal injury, business litigation, whistleblower, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and unfair insurance practices nationwide.

Our firm fights for people who have suffered workplace injuries, recreational accidents, or automobile, trucking, or railroad accidents. We also take cases involving defective products, including injury or loss caused by work tools, toys, medical equipment, prostheses, drugs, and household products.

Make something happen . . .

How often do important cases get bogged down simply because the attorney is overloaded with cases? At Waddell & Magan, we restrict the caseload of our attorneys in order to maximize results. And since our practice is focused on litigation, we are not spread too thin by the demands of a general practice. We don´t do divorce work or criminal defense, and we don´t do business transactional work. We concentrate on civil litigation involving injury, business and insurance disputes. Our record speaks for itself.

The attorneys at Waddell & Magan do not represent insurance companies – and we never will. Our clients are people, families and their small businesses.

Why hire a Trial Attorney?

When you or a member of your family has been injured, or your business has been overpowered by a larger company, you need a law firm and attorneys that you can trust to take you not only through negotiation to a good settlement, but that have the specialized abilities to successfully go to trial and win, if necessary. That´s what "trial attorney " means.

Why hire Waddell & Magan?

The attorneys at Waddell & Magan are litigators. From the initial free consultation, until your case is resolved, our attorneys will be preparing for your day in court — not counting on a settlement that may never materialize.

Innovative trial techniques – incorporating surveys, focus groups and mock trials – are the normal course of practice in our firm. Aggressive investigation, research and preparation lead to cases that are ready for trial. Our firm is well–versed in utilizing technological tools such as case management software and trial presentation equipment that is state–of–the–art.

Where are we Located?

Waddell & Magan is located in Bozeman, Montana, but our firm takes cases throughout the State, including Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, Livingston, Missoula and Whitefish. Our attorneys are also licensed in other states and will work, by special admission of the courts, in jurisdictions nationwide.

For background information on our firm and its lawyers, please tour our site and check lawyers directory. And don´t forget to see our car accident page, our checklist for handling the deaths of family members, car insurance tips, and information on handling the legal aftermath of fires, tornadoes, and other disasters.

There is no charge for an initial consultation.